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Mainframe is a game where you run through a randomly generated 3d maze and try to hack all the firewall nodes before the system can trace your IP.

Controls: WASD Movement

E to start hacking a nearby firewall node (They're magenta)

Once you've started a hack, spam the keyboard for realistic hacking action.

After all the firewall nodes are down, escape to the exit before the system traces you.

Dev notes: Still a bit unfinished. You can fall out of the maze if you try to leave before hacking all the firewalls, the GUI is a bit odd, and there's no restart game button on failure or success yet, so you have to refresh the page. Should be fixed in the next few days.

Published Feb 03, 2015
StatusIn development
Tags80s, Cyberpunk, Funny, maze, realistic-hacking, tron